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Having more time to treat people like people (and not like numbers) is only one reason you’ll like our Infection Management & ABX Stewardship platform. For the rest of the reasons you’ll like our web-based software, let the facts speak for themselves.

Joy In Numbers


Annual average reduction in days of therapy per community.


Total customers who have infection-related penalties from their state.


Average reduction in time allocated to infection tracking and trending.

A Flexible, All-In-One Solution

See why our web-based software has everyone talking, including providers.

Customized Electronic Mapping

  • Slow and prevent the spread of infection with an at-a-glance view of real-time tracking and trending across your building and campus
  • Easily identify opportunities for staff education
  • Manage outbreaks with team member to resident illness surveillance

Improved Patient Outcomes

  • Care professionals are able to focus more on care with a simple, user-friendly dashboard
  • Save time and money by satisfying CMS-mandated Antimicrobial Stewardship and Infection Control requirements
  • Easily provide required information to surveyors with intuitive, quick reports

Convenient Communications with Providers

  • Communicate consistently with providers using evidence-based criteria for electronic SBAR generation
  • Improve prescription accuracy and stay competitive in the market with electronic community-specific antibiogram
  • Facilitate best practices for prescribing habits and quicker infection resolution with antibiotic timeouts

Mobile-Friendly for Direct Care Staff

  • Easy web browser log in from mobile device, tablet or computer kiosk to initiate infection surveillance process
  • View patient illness information on your active list screen, RN dashboard, as well as your custom building map
  • Avoid data duplication with a built-in EMR automation
  • Early illness detection
  • Spread the workload and produce reports at the touch of a button— real-time tracking of infection with no manual calculations, backtracking or paper documentation

Staff & Enterprise Infection Support

  • Improve resource management with tracking and trending of infections with clinical staff and enterprise-wide employees
  • Bird’s-eye view of your community’s infections to provide support, education and comparisons between buildings and communities

Visitor Contact Tracing

  • Track incoming visitors and vendors with option to issue Stop/Hold if they indicate signs of illness
  • Manage contact tracing precautions when a visitor later shows signs of illness such as tests positive for COVID-19

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